Our definition of luxury is sustainability.

There are so many perspectives on sustainability. The sustainability of the joy with our products, the sustainability of the product lifetime or sustainability in conjunction with the protection of our environment.

We at Monsieur du Monde attach great importance at fulfilling all aspects of sustainability as good as possible. We are always in close contact with our production factories, to ensure Monsieur du Monde‘s quality standards are met at any time. Our producers include a manufactory from Germany founded in 1965, a leather factory from Austria and an artist from Italy, who lovingly hand-painted our t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The environment is also an important aspect of Monsieur du Monde‘s philosphy. For example, when selecting our shipping boxes, we focused on reducing material consumption to a minimum. They are resource-friendly and high quality at the same time. We also completely dispense with plastic packaging. In addition, we participate in the take-back system of the German environmental and waste disposal specialist Landbell and thus fulfill our obligation to take care of the recycling and environmentally recycling of packaging that we have placed on the market.

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